Friday, February 10, 2012

Still Here

Yes, I'm still here.  Sorry for the longer than anticipated hiatus.  I have been working in Issaquah this week, and thought I would have plenty time to blog from the hotel room.  That plan didn't work out.  I brought several books to read (including the new Kristin Hannah that I am very eager to start), and didn't crack any.  Why you ask?  Rather than spend my time in my hotel room by myself I was out re-connecting with friends and spending some much needed "me" time. 

I was able to go shopping on Monday night after work, and made it to a Gold's Gym down the street from my hotel.  By the time I finished with my adventure at Bellevue Square and on the elliptical, it was 10:00 and time to hit the sack. 

Tuesday was a day for new adventures.  After work (which was inspiring and amazing this week), I went to Golds to attend a class called Sh'Bam.  Yes, sounds crazy.  I had no idea what to expect, and I am so glad I gave it a try.  It's a high energy dance class, similar to Zumba but without the latin flavor.  I had a blast sweating my tail off for 45 minutes.  After the workout I had plans to meet up with my good friend, Sean, whom I hadn't seen since August.  We met at his house in Bellevue and headed to Capital Hill for dinner.  His girlfriend, who is great, had some friends visiting from Texas that we met.  Sarah in a pub, eating a delicious burger, laughing with good friends, and discussing Texas football?  Fantastic.  I  got back to Issaquah much later than I should have for a work night, but it was fun to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.

Wednesday was a day of memories.  My friend Scott used to be in a band called M-set that I was a huge fan.  The band disbanded about 7 years ago.  Scott had made a Facebook post that he was playing an acoustic set of old M-set songs in a pub in Redmond on Wednesday night.  My friend Sean wasn't able to make it with me, so I ventured to Redmond solo.  Going to a pub that you've never been too, especially by yourself, is a frightening social experience.  I am so glad I gathered my courage and stuck with my original plan to go to Redmond.  I had a great time hearing the old songs and catching up with Scott.  I even met some new friends.  And isn't that what life is about?  Reconnecting and connecting anew?

Thursday night was pack-up night and I feel bad that I wasn't able to meet up with Sean again, but it's been a great week. 

Now to the point of this blog post.  Why am I boring you with all these mundane details about my week?  The friendships we make along the course of our life our important to who we are and who we become.  Though I miss my husband, my dogs, and my Wenatchee friends and family desperately, I have had a fabulous time reconnecting with good friends that I don't have the opportunity to see very often.  I knew that I would have the opportunity to see these friends while stationed in Seattle for the week, but I don't think I fully understood how necessary reconnecting with them was to my soul.  My only regret from the week is that my pounding headache and weariness from a busy workweek prevented me from hanging out with friends again last night.  Reconnecting with friends and experiencing new adventures together not only reinforces your friendship, but changes your life in small, invisible ways. 

Two questions for you, dear readers:

1.  What would happen if you called an old friend out of the blue and made plans to get together for lunch? 
2.  What would happen if you tried one new thing this week?

My answer?  I think you'll find that reconnecting with an old friend feeds your soul and heart, and trying something new will invigorate you in ways you may have never experienced before. 

So your charge this week?  Go try something you've never done before, and reach out in the name of love and friendship.  Above all though, Be Here Be You.

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