Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm back!

Whew!  It’s been awhile.  I’ve had quite the few weeks, and as evidenced by my lack of blogging, I’ve been living in the moment and saying yes to a lot of things.  So here’s an update to what I’ve been up to.

Many of you have expressed your condolences for the end of my aunt’s journey in this life with us.  My Warrior Aunt peacefully passed away surrounded by the love of her children and husband in early April.  While death is never easy or on our timelines, I am thankful that she was able to leave this world with the same grace and love as she gave to it.  Heaven is definitely a little pinker with her watching over us.  Her friends and family have the challenge of moving through life without her by our side, but we have the comfort of knowing her soul can finally fly strong and bright without the physical limitations of her body.  She was a beautiful woman and though we will ever miss her, we will be reminded of her strength and laugh throughout our lives as we hear her on the wind and see her in the colors of the world. 

I was humbled to be asked to read, “My Warrior Aunt”, during her memorial service, but unfortunately I was not able to attend due to a work conflict I couldn’t get out of.  My mom spoke the words in my absence, and I am so proud of her for not only speaking in public, but in doing so under an incredibly emotional setting.  Again, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that so many people seem to react to those simple words from my heart.  Writing that piece was a life changing experience for me as I realized the power my words could have when shared with others.  Unfortunately, I was never able to properly thank my aunt for setting my inner artist free, but knowing her I know she’d be proud of me.

I was not able to attend the memorial service due to work and some of you may be thinking that work should never come before family and normally I would agree with you 100%.  However, I had been working on our first Rapid Performance Improvement Workshop, a 5 day event where physicians and nurses come together and transform a work process to make it better for our patients, staff, and physicians.  I had been planning this event for 8 weeks, and had several physicians and staff already scheduled to attend with a special meeting of the Board of Directors to hear our report on our success.  This workshop was a career defining moment for me, and the most important thing I’ve done in my 8 years to transform the way we look at process and improve the care of our patients.  It was the one thing I could not reschedule or cancel.  With feelings of guilt about not attending my aunt’s service and anxiety and nerves fluttering for the upcoming week, I was on an emotional rollercoaster.  I am happy to say that my workshop went extremely well, better than any of my biggest expectations.  I’m excited to be re-energized in my career and have my passion for the work I do reignited. 

With those two huge emotional events in my rearview I hope to get some new original material on here for you to read.  Stay tuned…..

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